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Technology and formulation support

Hochland Natec has a number of cheese and technology experts (dairy engineers) who were working during many years in the Hochland production or R&D department. Based on more than 80 years experience in the Hochland cheese production, we can help our partners to find always the perfect concepts as well as the right formulation for their application to start a new business at a rather high level.

Hochland Natec is not only selling equipments we are also producing on it!

 We offer food technology service for the following processed cheese types:
IWS (individually wrapped slices)
SOS (Slice on Slice)
Spreadable cheese
Mozzarella types
Other cheese types
 We can provide you with:
Formulation development and support
Processing parameters
Production design and operational parameters for individual products and processes
Product optimization and cost reduction
Training in food technology

Please contact our food technology expert Mr. Thomas Hecke with any food technology enquires you have.


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